The Top 5 Podcast Directories


Want your Podcast to get found and listened to? Here’s the Top 5 Podcast Directories!

You’ve got your Podcast running! Great! The only problem now is, no one can find you. Your website is new, your podcast is new, and no one can Google you or find you in their favorite Podcast App! It doesn’t matter if you’re a news show, an independent talk show or a church weekly podcast. If your podcast can’t be found, you’re hosed! We’re here to help your podcast with that problem by giving you the Top 5 Podcast Directories for you to list right now!

So here’s our Top 5 Podcast Directories:


In our former lives, we built a lot of websites for churches, by a long shot, the vast majority of downloads for weekly church sermon podcasts came from iTunes. You can’t avoid it. There’s millions of iPhones and Apple computers all pre-loaded with Apple’s podcasting app and iTunes. Apple’s got a great site that shows you exactly how to add your Podcast to iTunes.

You’ll need to know your Podcast’s RSS feed URL though. If you’re using WordPress, your plugin should have this readily available.

Instructions for Adding your Podcast to iTunes can be found here.

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