Our features bring your podcast to life

Starting your podcast or giving it a new home takes less time with Audiopod. The platform was designed by thinking carefully about what you and your audience need most. You get to focus on creating amazing content while we give it the platform it deserves.

Unlimited and reliable

You can publish unlimited episodes, playlists, and audio files. There’s no annoying monthly limits or bandwidth caps. Create your audio and let us help people find it.

Audiopod runs on Amazon servers so your podcasts are delivered quickly and reliably.

Episodes and Playlists

Think of your podcast like a radio or TV show. What brings listeners back, again and again, are more episodes and fresh episodes.

Audiopod gives you control over the important stuff behind each episode: the title, descriptions, future publish (“air”) dates, automatic transcriptions, iTunes controls, visuals, and a whole lot more.

Organize and group your episodes into playlists making it easy for listeners to find specific collections of episodes from your show.

Automatic transcription

We want to help more people find your podcast. Transcriptions boost your visibility in search engines such as Google, and offer listeners another way to enjoy your content.  Our transcription editor gives you complete control over how your transcripts are displayed.

More about Audiopod Transcripts

Website included

Audiopod saves you the time, effort and cost of hosting podcasts on your own website by giving you a personalized page for your podcast. Customize your logo, cover photo and more. Every episode is easy to find and share.

Performance data

Who are your listeners and how are they engaging with your content? Understand your audience better thanks to our powerful dashboard telling you what you need to know. Everything from download count, to where listeners come from and what apps they’re using.


Do you create your audio content as part of a team? Perhaps one person uploads audio and you create show notes. Audiopod provides everyone involved with a secure username and password, whatever the size of your team.

No experience necessary

Audiopod prides itself on how we make publish podcasts painless. We’re seeing our people upload and publish episodes in less than five minutes. Audiopod is designed to let you focus on creating awesome content for loyal listeners.

WordPress Plugin

Audiopod integrates seamlessly with WordPress. So any playlist, episode or full podcast can be displayed beautifully on your own WordPress website.

If you’re already using WordPress with a plugin like, Sermon Manager Pro, Powerpress or something similar, Audiopod:

  • connects your files.
  • automatically publishes episodes.
  • generates transcripts…and more.


More awesome features