Welcome to Audiopod 1.0

We are excited and thankful to announce the release of Audiopod 1.0. Audiopod 1.0 has been in the works for the last 5 months. We’d set out to launch sooner than that, however life happens and our families and full time jobs continue to dominate our time. We didn’t want to launch Audiopod till we felt like the platform was stable and ready to handle growth. That time has come. Welcome to Audiopod 1.0 (alpha).


Audiopod is a project of Chris Thompson and David Sudarma. Chris is a very senior web developer and David a very senior UX/UI designer. It’s been a long time desire of ours to launch our own SAAS platform for podcasters. Both of us love listening to podcasts of all types. It was natural for us to want to build something that served the community of fabulous podcasters and content creators out there!

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