Audiopod is live!

We are excited and thankful to announce the release of Audiopod 1.0. Audiopod 1.0 has been in the works for the last 5 months. We’d set out to launch sooner than that, however life happens and our families and full time jobs continue to dominate our time. We didn’t want to launch Audiopod till we felt like the platform was stable and ready to handle growth. That time has come. Welcome to Audiopod 1.0 (alpha).

Why Audiopod?

We first started dreaming about Audiopod in early 2019. As founders, we’re both podcast junkies! This American Life, Joe Rogan, Church Sermons, Ben Shapiro, Unbelievable and dozens more podcasts are playing in our ears constantly! But it isn’t only about how much we love listening to great podcast content.

David has built more than a hundred church websites and 90% of them want to podcast their sermons. In all that website building, he just hasn’t come across a podcasting solution he loves.

Audiopod was born out of our desire to help fuel content creators with a place to share their creativity and great ideas! We believe there are thousands more podcasts yet to be published. We want to lower the barrier for you and make the publishing part a cinch!

What’s the difference?

With other podcast hosting companies, plugins and resources you’re probably wondering what makes Audiopod so special. Glad you asked!


Audiopod is darn tootin’ easy! Drag and drop your MP3s! Fill in some fields and you will literally have a podcast ready for listening in minutes!

Transcriptions and SEO (coming soon!)

Audiopod episodes are transcribed! This means your full audio content is instantly searchable by listeners and Google! If you’re curious how, we use Amazon Transcribe. It’s amazing and we’ve found a way to put it to work for you and your podcast!

Get a website for free

If you’ve spent any time researching how to podcast, you know that most podcast services don’t include a website and definitely not one you’d want to share with anyone. Every Audiopod Podcast gets an accompanying website that can be shared!

One price, everything we have!

We have a free plan that’s plenty to get you started! Your first 10 episodes are completely free. After that it’s just $12 per month and you get unlimited storage, unlimited plays, unlimited episodes, unlimited playlists and unlimited files.

Import your existing podcast! (coming soon!)

Audiopod can import your existing podcast right in! Just paste in the URL to your existing podcast XML or RSS feed, and we’ll grab all your audio and episode information and replicate it in Audiopod!

WordPress Support (coming soon!)

Our Audiopod WordPress plugin allows you to take advantage of Audiopod’s power and features inside your WordPress based podcast. So whether you’d just prefer to use WordPress for podcasting, need more storage, or want the awesome transcription features of Audiopod, our plugin can make that happen! The Audiopod WordPress plugin is designed to pair with any popular WordPress Podcasting plugin!

We’ve only just begun!

Audiopod is just getting started! We have a whole lot more ideas and features planned for the coming months and years! We’re innovating and rapidly trying to host the very best podcast content for decades to come!

Thanks for checking us out! If you have questions, ideas, or want to pick our brains! We’d love to talk with you further! Send us an email at!

Your friends,

David and Chris
Audiopod Founders

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